Postal code is a group of numbers which are added to a postal address to assist the sorting of mail . Postal Code Also Called / used this Term  zip Code , Pin Code and postcodes
In Oman Each Area have 3 Digit postal codes.
Postal Code Format example  : 999 [ The first digits represent region. the last two represent post office ]

Postal Address Format For Oman

Mr Sami Ul Ahamed
BP 18 

Find your Postal Code Below :

Postal CodeArea NamePost office nameRegion
618AdamPost Office AdamAd Dakhiliyah
516Al AkhdarPost Office Al AkhdarAd Dhahirah
119Al AmaratPost Office Al AmaratMuscat
515Al AraqiPost Office Al AraqiAd Dhahirah
422Al AshkharahPost Office Al AshkharahAsh Sharqiyah
317Al AwabiPost Office Al AwabiAl Batinah
217Al AwqadainPost Office Al AwqadainDhofar
316Al BidayaPost Office Al BidayaAl Batinah
512Al BuraimiPost Office Al BuraimiAl Buraymi
214Al DahareezPost Office Al DahareezDhofar
216Al HafaPost Office Al HafaDhofar
617Al HamraPost Office Al HamraAd Dakhiliyah
131Al HamriyahPost Office Al HamriyahMuscat
118Al Harthy ComplexPost Office Al Harthy ComplexMuscat
712Al JazrPost Office Al JazrAl Wusta
412Al Kamil & Al WafiPost Office Al Kamil & Al WafiAsh Sharqiyah
326Al KhabouraPost Office Al KhabouraAl Batinah
132Al KhudPost Office Al KhudMuscat
133Al KhuwairPost Office Al KhuwairMuscat
122Al Ma’abelaPost Office Al Ma’abelaMuscat
314Al MaldaPost Office Al MaldaAl Batinah
420Al MudhaibiPost Office Al MudhaibiAsh Sharqiyah
419Al MudhairibPost Office Al MudhairibAsh Sharqiyah
129Al Murtafa’aPost Office Al Murtafa’aMuscat
312Al Musana’aPost Office Al Musana’aAl Batinah
328Al RumaysPost Office Al RumaysAl Batinah
124Al RusaylPost Office Al RusaylMuscat
318Al RustaqPost Office Al RustaqAl Batinah
121Al SeebPost Office Al SeebMuscat
517Al SinainahPost Office Al SinainahAd Dhahirah
315Al SuwaiqPost Office Al SuwaiqAl Batinah
321Al TarifPost Office Al TarifAl Batinah
130Al UdhaybahPost Al UdhaybahMuscat
117Al Wadi Al KabirPost Office Al Wadi Al KabirMuscat
612BahlaPost Office BahlaAd Dakhiliyah
812BakhaPost Office BakhaMusandam
320BarkaPost Office BarkaAl Batinah
613BidbidPost Office BidbidAd Dakhiliyah
421BidiyahPost Office BidiyahAsh Sharqiyah
616Birkat Al MozePost Office Birkat Al MozeAd Dakhiliyah
329Burj Al RadahPost Office Burj Al RadahAl Batinah
111Central Post OfficePost Office CentralMuscat
211Central SalalahPost Office Central SalalahDhofar
813DabaPost Office DabaMusandam
225DalkoutPost Office DalkoutDhofar
424Dama WattaeenPost Office Dama WattaeenAsh Sharqiyah
514DhankPost Office DhankAd Dhahirah
322Falaj Al QabailPost Office Falaj Al QabailAl Batinah
711HaimaPost Office HaimaAl Wusta
413IbraPost Office IbraAsh Sharqiyah
511IbriPost Office IbriAd Dhahirah
614IzkiPost Office IzkiAd Dakhiliyah
416Ja’alan Bani Bu AliPost Office Ja’alan Bani Bu AliAsh Sharqiyah
415Ja’alan Bani Bu HassanPost Office Ja’alan Bani Bu HassanAsh Sharqiyah
134Jawharat Al ShatiPost Office Jawharat Al ShatiMuscat
114JibrooPost Office JibrooMuscat
811KhasabPost Office KhasabMusandam
127Khaula HospitalPost Office Khaula HospitalMuscat
325LiwaPost Office LiwaAl Batinah
615LizghPost Office LizghAd Dakhiliyah
814MadhaPost Office MadhaMusandam
219Madinat Al HaqPost Office Madinat Al HaqDhofar
115Madinat Al Sultan QaboosPost Office Madinat Al Sultan QaboosMuscat
518MahdaPost Office MahdaAd Dhahirah
619ManahPost Office ManahAd Dakhiliyah
226MaqshanPost Office MaqshanDhofar
220MarbatPost Office MarbatDhofar
414MasirahPost Office MasirahAsh Sharqiyah
116Mina Al FahalPost Office Mina Al FahalMuscat
113MuscatPost Office MuscatMuscat
125MuttrahPost Office MuttrahMuscat
323NakhalPost Office NakhalAl Batinah
611NizwaPost Office NizwaAd Dakhiliyah
126Oman Commercial CenterPost Office Oman Commercial CenterMuscat
212Quirun HairitiPost Office Quirun HairitiDhofar
120QurayatPost Office QurayatMuscat
224RakhyoutPost Office RakhyoutDhofar
112RuwiPost Office RuwiMuscat
215SaadahPost Office SaadahDhofar
223SadahPost Office SadahDhofar
319SahamPost Office SahamAl Batinah
621SaiqPost Office SaiqAd Dakhiliyah
423Samad Al ShanPost Office Samad Al ShanAsh Sharqiyah
620SamailPost Office SamailAd Dakhiliyah
128Seeb AirportPost Office Seeb AirportMuscat
324ShinasPost Office ShinasAl Batinah
418SinawPost Office SinawAsh Sharqiyah
327Sohar IndustrialPost Office Sohar IndustrialAl Batinah
311SoharPost Office SoharAl Batinah
123Sultan Qaboos UniversityPost Office Sultan Qaboos UniversityMuscat
425Sur Commercial DistrictPost Office Sur Commercial DistrictAsh Sharqiyah
411SurPost Office SurAsh Sharqiyah
218TaqaPost Office TaqaDhofar
213TeetamPost Office TeetamDhofar
222ThamraitPost Office ThamraitDhofar
221Tiwi AtairPost Office Tiwi AtairDhofar
417Wadi Bani KhalidPost Office Wadi Bani KhalidAsh Sharqiyah
313Widam Al SahilPost Office Widam Al SahilAl Batinah
513YanqulPost Office YanqulAd Dhahirah