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Empowering for 14 years, our website has been a reliable source for Pakistan postal codes, offering accurate and up-to-date information to facilitate seamless mail and package delivery across the country

The Postal Codes
is an online directory. Postal Codes and Zip Codes Of Pakistan and some other Countries. We’re affiliated with PAKPOST, but we aim to help you find the correct Postal Codes for whatever Ship you’re carrying out.

Please note that we cannot assist with payment enquiries – this website exists only to help you find the right code. Please don’t send any personal or payment / Shipping information to us.

The Postal Codes is owned and operated by Awahab , Based in Gwader , Sialkot , Lahore and Karachi   This site is used by our 10 million customers to find and check Postal Codes, and by acquiring it – we’ve been able to ensure that they benefit from up-to-date information.